The Driver DNA Hiring System is divided into three parts:

Marketing, Recruiting, and Retention.

Marketing is everything we do to provide a steady stream of qualified drivers. Recruiting is the system we use to on-board new truck drivers we hire. Retention is the process we use to reduce the turnover of our driver team.

In this white paper we are covering the “Truck Driver Recruiting” part of the three training's that make up the DRIVER DNA Hiring System. We'll focus on the recruiting of top driver talent. Because if you don't have a system for recruiting qualified drivers, you will have no drivers. Your trucks will be parked and deliveries will not be made. Creating unhappy customers and causing lots of headaches and financial loss for you.2017-01-12_1105

Our DRIVER DNA Hiring System has been designed so more of your company’s job offers are accepted. Giving you a better choice of qualified candidates to hire. Our system is so different and so effective, because it is based on the science and psychology of human interaction, human behavior, and decision making traits of job seekers. Along with risk management principles, behavior and skills-based interview techniques, and common sense.

This reliable system was created from more than 16 years of in-the-trenches experience of hiring top truck driver talent in today's New Economy Job Market.

This is the same recruiting system I use in my
Truck Driver Recruiting business.

That has enabled me to hire 10’s of thousands of over the road, regional and local truck drivers serving all different industries... And bill 10's of Millions of Dollars in recruiting fees over the last 16 years.

There are only "3 Pillars" you need to know to make it in
The New Economy Job Market.

They make all of the difference, whether you will succeed or fail… whether you will spend endless time and money trying to find qualified truck drivers to accept your job offers… or whether you have top drivers waiting to get started today.

These 3 Pillars will take you from where you are now to where you want to be... with a good
driver team making deliveries like a well-oiled machine.

2017-01-12_1426These 3 Pillars are not often talked about, yet make all of the difference in your search for
qualified truck drivers. They are different than what you have been sold on and told what to do. They are different from the methods you have been using up till now.

They are the keys to hiring and retaining qualified truck drivers in The New Economy Job Market.

I know, because my company uses these 3 Pillars every day… to hire over the road, regional and local truck drivers serving all different industries in The New Economy Job Market.

The "Truck Driver Recruiter" System, part of our DRIVER DNA Hiring System, is divided into three critical parts:

Get any of these "3 Pillars" wrong, and your efforts will be more difficult than necessary. Our "Truck Driver Recruiter" Coaching Program, (part of The Driver DNA Hiring System), has a lot going on under the hood. It’s "the science" behind why what we do. And what we do works well. It includes psychology, human behavior, how job seekers make career decisions, and more. To explain all of the details of our hiring system here would turn this white paper into a mammoth book. So instead, I will give you the 30-thousand-foot overview of how it works, in the interest of saving you time.

Pillar #1 – Market… In Depth

The market dictates what we do, so we make sure we listen to what it is telling us. We then exploit what it is telling us to create our "Secret Advantage" over our competitors. There are two areas we focus on:

The first one is what truck drivers want in a job, and why they leave you to go work for a competing company. We have identified the 5 Top Requirements experienced, qualified truck drivers want from a company and a job. Not only that, we identified the two main reasons a truck driver would leave you to go work for your competition.

The second is a combination of two factors: The first is how competitive the job market is (or how many companies you are competing with for the top truck driver talent). The other is how those companies compensate their driver team.

Being armed with this knowledge enables us to script our company’s answers to the 5 most important job requirements truck drivers want the most in a job.

This gives us the ability to stand out in the crowded truck driver job market, by focusing on what is important to the truck driver job seeker.

We know when we understand what drivers really want, "what's in it for them", and weave in how our company’s career opportunity gives it to them in our job offer, we crack the code to enjoying a "Secret Advantage" in recruiting top driver talent. While making the Driver Shortage a non-issue.

Pillar #2 – Message… In Depth

This is where we take all of the information we learned from researching the truck driver job market and use it. We use it to set up and create the communications we will share with all of the driver recruits who will be responding to our job advertising. We script out what to say in our company offering, based on the top 5 job requirements our truck driver recruit told us they want. This enables us to talk to the driver recruits in words and concepts they can understand and relate to. All by talking about what is important to them in a job.

Then we take the Message one step further, creating another Secret Advantage over your competitors. As we create our Company Story… which is wrapped around the benefits and other factors that make our company and our job offering different than the rest. This all leads your truck driver recruit to the next step, setting up the interview in such a way, that working for our company is the obvious choice. Then we take what we've already accomplished and created, to build the framework for our next Secret Advantage… the Collaborative Interview. Which we leverage as we move into…

Pillar #3 – Method… In Depth

So far, we have done extensive research on the truck driver job market, so we know what top truck driver talent is looking for in a job. We have scripted our Company Story job offering based on the research we have done on The New Economy Job Market. We highlighted the top 5 job requirements our truck driver recruit told us they want. Now we are going to deliver it. And we use the Collaborative Interview to do it.

The Collaborative Interview is a combination of behavioral-based interview techniques combined with skills-based interview techniques, that are structured in risk management practices. Based on the principles of psychology and job seeker behavior. This unique interview is conducted in a straight talking, no bull, conversational manner. It is designed to make the driver recruit you are talking to feel comfortable, so you will be able to get a read on the real person. So they feel comfortable and you can link their values to your company's values through "internal decisions."

As we take the driver recruit into the DRIVER DNA Hiring System step by step, we address their needs, desires, fears and frustrations, what they stand for and what they stand agents so we can understand our driver recruit's values. We then compare them with our company’s values. This shows our driver recruit we value the same things, building trust and loyalty and reducing turnover by eliminating bad hires.

The Collaborative Interview is broken down into 2 parts. To streamline the hiring process, we save time by making sure we are only interviewing qualified driver recruits.

The first part of the Collaborative Interview is the "prescreen vetting call, where we make sure the driver recruit is qualified. If qualified, we send out an application to be filled out online with a deadline to get it returned to us. If the application is returned on time and validates the qualifications from the prescreen vetting call, we set up the ALL IMPORTANT NEXT STEP…

Psychologically taking them out of the job market. Yes, before they have even been hired! So you don’t lose your driver recruit to any of the companies you are competing with for top truck driver talent.

This buys you time to schedule the 2nd interview and sets up the job offer to be accepted, by displaying our show of knowledge and deploying "the assumptive job offer."

So without going into all the details, this is how our "Truck Driver Recruiter" Coaching Program, (part of our Driver DNA Hiring System) brings us top driver talent. That's how we leverage "the Science of Truck Driver Recruiting." And we do it very well.

Well this is why you must use the proven methods you'll discover in our
training, to take the candidate out of the job market before you even hire them.

Your candidates leverage the Internet, job boards specifically, to set "E-Mail Alerts" for jobs. This means they get a never-ending stream of job leads sent right to their inbox or texted to their smart phones on a daily basis for whatever criteria they choose. It's true.

As you can see, you must take your driver candidates out of the job market before you even hire them. Or you'll be spinning your wheels and get nowhere with your recruiting and retention efforts.

Remember when I mentioned earlier about the real "root cause" of higher turnover?

The real hidden factor is poor hiring and recruiting processes, that do not address what drivers really want, and do not set the proper expectations in your interviews. In our complimentary bonus training session, you'll discover how to retain drivers in The New Economy Job Market, even if you don't have the budget for retention programs and improvements. Plus, you'll have the chance to see what we use to create job offers that takes the candidate out of the job market before they are even hired!

If you're not happy with the way your driver recruiting and retention is going now…

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The 3 Biggest Myths In The Trucking Industry…

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In this special complimentary bonus online training session, you'll get a comprehensive look at The 3 Pillars of "Secret Advantage" Recruiting that we visited quickly earlier. During this training, you'll see how you can apply these strategies to your recruiting as early as this week. These strategies alone can give you an advantage over virtually every-one in your market. You'll uncover the 3 Biggest Myths most Operations, HR, Transportation, Safety and Recruiting managers in the trucking industry believe, and base critical decisions on daily, yet are false.

As you can imagine, basing critical decisions on myths… plus the fact that most trucking companies are still using old methods from the old market economy to recruit truck drivers in The New Market Job Economy…

Are two significant reasons why so many companies have difficulty recruiting top driver talent, and retaining drivers over the long haul. In this eye-opening, myth-busting training, you'll uncover why…

Number 1
By continuing to operate in the old ways, that used to work in the old market economy… while accepting The 3 Biggest Myths in the Trucking Industry as fact… you'll stay stuck battling the Great Driver Shortage, and continue to find it very difficult to attract, hire and retain truck drivers.

Number 2
How by moving away from The 3 Biggest Myths, and embracing The New Economy Job Market, you will attract, hire and retain truck drivers much more easily… and enjoy a Secret Advantage over your competitors. Like we discussed today.

An advantage which will eliminate your stress, and reduce the hours you work trying to fill seats with quality, safety-conscious drivers, so you can focus on running and growing your company.

Enabling you to help many more deserving drivers support themselves and their families, while you create excited, loyal, hard-working drivers who will stick with you over the long haul.

Now, if you didn't have access to this "insider" information you'll get on our bonus online training session, that I use and profit from on a daily basis as MY Secret Advantage in recruiting, it's likely your recruiting headaches will continue… even worsen.

The 3 Biggest Myths In The Trucking Industry…

(That You Are Mistakenly Basing Critical Decisions On Now)

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