Learn How To Recruit Truck Drivers Even If Your Not The Highest Paying Job...

Or Give A Sign-On Bonus

Our DRIVER DNA Hiring System has been designed so more of your company’s job offers are accepted. Giving you a better choice of qualified candidates to hire. Our system is so different and so effective, because it is based on the science and psychology of human interaction, human behavior, and decision making traits of job seekers. Along with risk management principles, behavior and skills-based interview techniques, and common sense.

This reliable system was created from more than 16 years of in-the-trenches experience of hiring top truck driver talent in today's New Economy Job Market.

The Driver DNA Hiring Sustem has enabled me to hire 10’s of thousands of over the road, regional and local truck drivers serving all different industries... And bill 10's of Millions of Dollars in recruiting fees over the last 16 years.

Watch this video for an overview of the

Driver DNA Hiring System Training


Module 1:

During your first week, we will focus on getting you prepared to dive in with both feet, into a new kind of driver recruiting process and system than you are used to. A much more effective process than you've ever seen or used. That will enable you to recruit safety-conscious top driver talent for your company. By the time you have completed The Truck Driver Recruiter Coaching Program, you will give your company a "secret advantage" over 95% of your competition.
And you will become a superstar recruiter in the process. So get excited!


Module 2

  • Discovering What Truck Drivers Want in The New Economy Job Market and how to exploit this difference to give us the edge in our recruiting.
  • How the Driver Shortage is our hidden "secret advantage"…
  • You will be introduced to the most important concept in Part 1 of our Market training… WIIFM…. "What’s in it for me?"
  • Discover "The 5 Critical Job Requirements" that truck drivers are looking for in a job, plus 2 special "Wild Card" job requirements truck drivers are secretly looking for in a job.

Module 3

  • You’ll build on what you already learned about The New Economy Market, to analyze your competition's messaging and job offers.
  • Writing your companies job offering . You'll see how to talk to the candidate in words and ideas they can understand and relate to.
  • You'll be introduced to Your Company Story, where you'll see how to position the career opportunity you're offering to driver recruits.
  • How to communicate your company's minimum hiring requirements properly to the driver candidate, and establish the skill set your company needs in a driver.
  • Find out what Your Company Story is, and how to blend it with the 5 Job Requirements (and the 2 Wild Card job requirements) of your driver recruit.
  • Identify what your company has to offer that the driver wants.

Module 4

  • Find out what makes your company and your job offering different than the rest. While leveraging WIIFM (What's In It For Me) based on what we know drivers really want.
  • Set up the interview so the obvious choice is to work for your company. I'll take you step by step through the entire process of creating your effective Company Story.
  • The Big Picture Overview of "The Collaborative Interview" Process Dissected.
  • Learn to link the drivers values to your company’s values through their internal decisions.

Module 5

  • Learn Step by Step how to intake a driver into the hiring process, while addressing their needs, desires, fears and frustrations, and dreams and aspirations.
  • You will be walked through how to respond to an ad call, How to respond when you receive a resume and your objectives on the Pre-Screen Vetting call.
  • Discover the best approach for pre-qualifying someone on the phone.
  • What to do after you've qualified someone over the phone, regarding "dos and don'ts" when sending out the interview application, if you want the application actually returned to you.
  • How to set up the next crucial step of psychologically taking the driver candidate out of the job market. Yes, even before they are hired.
  • Learn how to use The Perfect Job question, to see what your driver really wants in a job.

Module 6

  • help your new recruit get started on the right foot, while leveraging the power of the Assumptive Job Offer.
  • I'll show you exactly how I walk a candidate through every area of the DOT application. (You would be surprised how many recruits mess this up!)
  • how to set up the background check and drug screen, in addition to setting them up for payroll and HR, without ever saying "You're Hired".

BONUS: Module 7

Putting It All Together: Going from Market and Driver Research, To Intaking A New Recruit Successfully

  • We will discuss any questions related to successfully using The Truck Driver Recruiting Coaching Program in your company.
  • This BONUS Coaching Call will last for as long as there are questions from you and your fellow Truck Driver Recruiter Coaching Program students.
  • Hit the ground running with your new found "secret advantage" recruiting skills.

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