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Enjoy "Preferred Rates" Of Up To 40% Off With Our AAA+ Rated Workers Comp Insurance and Payroll Processing Services…

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While Eliminating These Costly,
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With "The Complete Truck Driver Management Program"

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Hello Trucking Company Professional,
Life is not easy for us these days.

Truck Driver Staffing

As we all come to grips with the fact that "The Great Driver Shortage" is here to stay, and getting worse every year. While truck driver turn-over is at an all time high.

Why deal with the daily headaches of new driver marketing, recruiting screening, qualifications and background checks each time you try to hire a new truck driver, when they may not even be the right driver for your needs? you're looking for a better, more cost-effective way, you're not alone.

Why spend countless hours and a mountain of cash managing all of the unemployment, accident and Workers Comp claims, payroll, tax reporting, benefits and retention programs and driver file management updates… for every single truck driver on your team?

The fact is, you don't have to do it anymore.

Because our marketing, operations and safety experts have more than 14 years experience in the transportation industry. With comprehensive experience including driver marketing and recruiting, regulatory compliance, risk management, Workers Comp insurance, unemployment and D.O.T file maintenance.

And we've put together an all-in-one Done-For-You program of services designed for the busy trucking carrier, who knows it's a challenge to keep up with all of the never-ending tasks in a top-notch, cost-effective, hands-off way.

All so you can focus on what's really important, giving your clients great service, lowering risk in your business permanently, and boosting your bottom line. So you can afford a driver retention program and robust benefits to keep the good drivers you hire, enabling you to thrive in The Great Driver Shortage!

Our Complete Truck Driver Management Program enables companies like yours to leverage high-level recruiting tactics like the big companies use… at a fraction of the cost, with access to your own private "Ad Agency," to help you survive and thrive in The Great Driver Shortage...

~1457391770~TG_TextLogo-02 Truck Driver Marketing Program

You see, our in-the-trenches marketing experts are your private Ad Agency! You'll benefit from the same strategies and tactics we make a living with every day. We're the champion of smaller and medium size companies, enabling you get to leverage the big resources and systems larger companies use every day.
As part of our Truck Driver Marketing Program, we'll set up and manage a complete truck driver advertising program and high-performance campaigns for your specific needs and situation. Including full-featured Job Board Selection and Management, and Pay-Per-Click ad management with our special brand of "retargeting" (which will become your "unfair" advantage for recruiting the best drivers available).

Job_Ad_platformsWe'll build and manage comprehensive email marketing campaigns that bring you even more qualified candidates, which operate in tandem with sophisticated social media marketing, and even targeted content marketing, all designed to attract quality, safety-conscious drivers like a magnet. Plus, you even get access to our Private House Driver Database, giving you an advantage for getting quality drivers who may not be in the general market now. Next…

Our Driver DNA Risk Management Hiring System Kicks In.

Our rigorous proprietary screening process for all new truck driver candidates, that we call "The Driver DNA Hiring System"… helps you keep your workers comp costs down, and protects you from "predatory" drivers who are looking for a front door into your business, in order to file a "staged" workers comp claim. You see… We've built rigorous Risk Management screening tactics right into the hiring process.

Enabling our Complete Truck Driver Management Program to provide you with a predictable cost-per-driver, eliminating all of the costly and risky variables of employing truck drivers.

dna treeOur Driver DNA Hiring System, which has earned us the Cal/Osha Golden Gate Safety Award and was responsible for our Workers Comp Insurance company asking us to train their staff on our one-of-a-kind Risk Management screening process, ensures only the best, safety-conscious drivers are sent to you for an interview. Then you get to interview them and choose the candidates who fit your needs best.

Once you've chosen a driver who meets your criteria, we take it from there, ensuring they will be a safe and qualified member of your company team. In addition to a rigorous application and initial pre-screening process, our Done-For-You hiring process includes all background checks, integrity tests, alcohol and drug screening including TPA Services, reference checks, DQ File creation and management, driver history requests (employment verifications), DMV records checks, Pull Notice management, Medical Card verification, online training and other criteria that exceed D.O.T requirements.

Our Complete Truck Driver Management Program delivers the satisfaction of knowing your truck drivers are thoroughly screened, and in compliance at all times.

As a Complete Driver Management Program client… our professional staff is responsible for all of your screening and testing of truck drivers. Once we handle your Driver Marketing and Recruiting, along with the pre-screening and qualifications tasks, and you have interviewed the candidate and like them, our Complete Truck Driver Management Program continues…

As we handle all of the All Human Resources tasks so you don't have to!

We do all of your Hiring and Terminations, Benefits Administration, Tax Reporting, and Payroll Administration Services. Enabling you to avoid the additional payroll and administrative costs generated by every new employee that is hired.

You don't even have to be involved at all in the complex nature of driver payrolls. Because you get to submit just one check per week, to cover all wages, expenses, fringe benefits, payroll taxes and insurance.

We also handle your Workers Compensation Insurance and Claims (at up to a 40% savings off what you're paying now), Unemployment Claims, Accident Management, DQ File management and much more.

Plus, to make our program complete, we administer and manage a Driver Retention Program specifically for your company. Because after all, what good is the best truck driver marketing program in the world, if you're not retaining your new drivers?

We'll make sure your drivers feel respected by your company. And back it up with our comprehensive Truck Driver Benefits Program. As we make sure the drivers we hire for you want to stay with you for a long, long time. Drivers we bring you will feel like a job with your company is the best job they've ever had!

But what happens when a driver takes a vacation or a medical leave? For most companies, that means they're left short-handed. Usually at a time you can't afford to have even one driver out. But don't worry, because that will never happen to you again. You see, we're in your corner. We've been enabling the trucking industry since 2000, and we have you covered, with…

Supplemental staff at your fingertips,
as part of your Complete Truck Driver Management Program.

We know there always comes a time when a driver needs time off. That's why we've also included our "Driver Leasing Program" as part of our total Done-For-You solution services. For times when a driver deserves a vacation, no matter what your situation at that time may be. For last-minute call-ins when a driver has personal, family or medical issues that demand their attention immediately. Basically, you can access our Driver Leasing Program for anything that leaves an open seat in a cab.

Making you look like an understanding leader, who cares about your staff of drivers. Supporting them 100% and making them feel so happy they work for a company like yours. Adding more leverage and effectiveness to your overall truck driver retention program.

Why Do "The Complete Truck Driver Program" Clients Use Us?

Trucker and CliipboardSimple. We handle all of the day-to-day responsibilities of filling your seats with quality, safety-conscious truck drivers, and keeping them there.

We handle the advertising, screening, recruitment and hiring. We handle all of the Human Resources tasks in a detailed, cost-effective manner. We provide "lease drivers" when you absolutely need a temporary driver today. And our clients enjoy "preferred rate" savings on payroll processing, and up to 40% savings off the costs of Workers Comp insurance, with access to our AAA+ rated provider!

Plus, We're Here For YOU 24/7!

You'll never have to deal with a pressing problem alone. Just call our office and we'll fix it. If it's after hours, just call our 24/7 answering service and they'll let us know you called ASAP!

Our Service is Our Promise…

Get all the details about how The Transportation Guys can help you attract more quality drivers, manage your truck driver costs, while mitigating risk liabilities and taking all of the responsibility of these administrative tasks off your plate, with "The Complete Truck Driver Management Program."

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Met and or exceeded my expectations at every level

To whom it may concern,

I Max J., having been in the Transportation Industry my entire career know the importance of having good quality business partners that can perform and produce to the highest of standards.

Every manager or business owner in the industry knows that when you need drivers, and need them as soon as possible, there are few alternatives that meet the expectations that are necessary to keep your fleet moving and your customers happy.

Jack Whatley and his team at The Transportation Guys have continuously met and or exceeded my expectations at every level. Having assisted me on several projects that include local driver recruiting for peak and non-peak work and on large scale start up projects for new distribution center openings, I can attest that his level of professionalism and commitment to produce is above the best in the transportation Industry. If you require the best, then look to Jack and his team to help you as they have helped me.

- Max J., CMI

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Truck Driver Staffing

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