Client Reviews

Read what some of our Clients have to say about us.

My company has been doing business with The Transportation Guys for many years. Over those years I have gotten to know Jack and Robyn and their staff. They have provided our company with many quality drivers, most of which were hired on as permanent full time team members.

One of my favorite aspects of the Transportation Guys is that when you call them someone picks up the phone. You do not have to maneuver through a series of phone prompts. Often times Robyn answers the phone herself.

The Transportation Guys are an easy group to work with that often times go beyond our expectations. I highly recommend The Transportation Guys for your driver staffing needs.

- Rob B., UNF

I began using Transportation Guys exclusively about 8 months ago. My decision was driven by the need to find an agency that could keep up with the high demand that my company has for temporary drivers each week.

I was finding that consistency was a big issue when using other agencies, and consistency was exactly what I got out of Robyn Miller and her agency at Transportation Guys. I use the word “exclusively” because since I began working with Robyn, I haven’t had to reach out to any other agencies for my emergency needs.

Communication is top notch, drivers are eager to please, and I can honestly say that in 8 months I was told just once that they could not provide me with a driver. In their defense, it was after hours on a Friday with a holiday Monday to follow. Coming up with a driver that last minute would have been amazing to say the least, though it wouldn’t have surprised me if they had. Great team they have over there.

The biggest value I take from our working relationship is piece of mind, and knowing that a short phone call is all that’s needed to get me out of a tight spot with staffing.

- Scott G., EPS

To whom it may concern,

I Max J., having been in the Transportation Industry my entire career know the importance of having good quality business partners that can perform and produce to the highest of standards.

Every manager or business owner in the industry knows that when you need drivers, and need them as soon as possible, there are few alternatives that meet the expectations that are necessary to keep your fleet moving and your customers happy.

Jack Whatley and his team at The Transportation Guys have continuously met and or exceeded my expectations at every level. Having assisted me on several projects that include local driver recruiting for peak and non-peak work and on large scale start up projects for new distribution center openings, I can attest that his level of professionalism and commitment to produce is above the best in the transportation Industry. If you require the best, then look to Jack and his team to help you as they have helped me.

- Max J., CMI

The Transportation Guys went above and beyond our expectations! They always reply in a very timely manner, even when I call at the VERY last minute and need a driver. I have recommended The Transportation Guys a few times because of their quality drivers!

Amy, A. P.

“When I need good, quality, safe drivers, and need them quickly, I always call  Jack at The Transportation Guys.  I have had over 30 drivers at one time from them, and everything from quality of drivers to billing was above average. Their Office staff is responsive and quick to help in any way they can.  There is only one person I call when I need drivers, and that is Jack at the Transportation Guys”

Nick, TFF

I was contacted a while ago from The Transportation Guys, they sent me their info, at the time i didn't need them. I would get monthly emails from them regarding the trucking industry & their services. When I needed help, I knew who to call. I found their website & contacted them.  Their hiring managers where diligent in getting candidates for me.

Jim, JW

Transportation Guys team, Thank you very much for your help. We were able to meet all of our clients needs, Please thank the driver for me, an excellent job as usual!

Mike, STL

The Transportation Guys are able to come through at a moment’s notice. We had been using another staffing company, and they just weren’t up to par with what we needed. We found The Transportation Guys and have never been happier with our staffing company. They know what we are looking for in drivers. Not only do they use the information we give them and run with it to screen drivers, they use the info in positive ways to get us the best result.

Vic C., BGD

It has been a pleasure working with The Transportation Guys. Marissa has been a real asset to our company. Thank you for finding her for us we just love her. We are looking forward to adding her into our company and to our family. I know that she is also excited to be a part of M Laboratories now. We look forward to working with you and your company in the future if we have another driver need.

Brian M., M Labs

Jack has been able to adapt to our market demands and supply us with qualified drivers, at times on very short notice. Their ability to match candidates to my specific driver needs allows me to spend time managing other aspects of my operation.

Paul, RIL

In our industry, working quickly and efficiently is the key to success. that's why The Transportation Guys is our choice when it comes to fulfilling our staffing needs. with jack we save time and money and we can focus on our business instead of having to focus on the hiring process.

Tom, EB

I was looking for an agency that could provide a steady, ongoing source for qualified drivers. And that would perform initial screening, reference checks, background checks, and safety performance history requests in order to save me time and money. An agency able to provide a steady stream of drivers better than the agency I was using.

Jack Whatley at The Transportation Guys delivered what I wanted. By asking detailed questions after sending an initial group of drivers, Jack's agency was able to send drivers that closely fit my needs. I was also delighted with the attention given to my needs, even late into the evening when needed.

Bob W., PCS

I was looking to hire drivers. I was having a very tough time. What made it tougher was that I needed part-time help. I had used leased drivers before, but our company had not. I had to convince everyone that it is legal, and show them the benefits of using leased drivers.

Jack Whatley and The Transportation Guys not only delivered, but went the extra mile to make things happen for us. Jack drove over 100 miles one evening (well after 5 PM) to make sure we had what we needed. It is nice to work with someone who shares the same level of customer service that we do.

Jack and The Transportation Guys provide what we need when we need it. I'm not sure how you improve that.

Tip T., SS

We chose to work with The Transportation Guys through the process of elimination, we compared a few staffing companies and chose the best fit for us. The Transportation Guys were able to find us great candidates to choose from! They do a great job at hiring experienced truck drivers.

Kevin M., WLC

There are always concerns using a staffing company for our driver needs, unless we are using The Transportation Guys. They have experienced and versed drivers who meet our qualifications. The Transportation Guys were willing to work with us where others wouldn’t and have the ability to work with the qualifications our drivers need to have to find us a good candidate. They have kept it simple and turnkey and have taken great care of our driver needs.

Wallace L., MVE

The Transportation Guys are wonderful to work with. The driver they sent was a professional, he had all the requirements and skills we needed. The Transportation Guys follow up and follow through at all times.

Dalles H, MTD

The Transportation Guys help out a lot, they offer a great service. The driver they sent to us was what we needed to keep moving.

Tony S, PP

We keep using The Transportation Guys because they are reliable and their service is excellent. They are able to meet our needs with qualified drivers they provide at a moment’s notice for us. It’s never a challenge getting ahold of someone at The Transportation Guys and they stay on top of their game by always giving the best customer service and helping with any challenges and problems that inevitably arise in our industry.

Robert B, R Trans

I had worked with a national staffing company before that wasn’t able to provide me with timely service I needed. I heard about the Transportation Guys a local staffing company and decided to give them a try. And I’m sure happy I did! I called them after hours, and they answered the phone instantly. They were able to get me a driver in less than 15 minutes. The driver they sent had everything I’m looking for: good working experience, professional, and clean cut.


I can always count on Jack! Whenever I’m in a bind and need a driver, he always answers the phone and gets me a driver in minutes. The Transportation Guys are able to work with me better than the other staffing companies I’ve used in the past.

Aldray G, NWP

I needed a change from my old staffing company, they dropped the ball too many times. I expected more from them, and The Transportation Guys met that expectation. I need consistency and they give it to me.

Albert R, GKS

The Transportation Guys gives us the peace of mind that we will always get the top employees whenever we need them.

Ed, BJ

We chose The Transportation Guys because we know we get thoroughly screened employees that we can hire.

Patrick, SFL

 The Transportation Guys are really on point. I needed a driver fast and they got it covered. Using The Transportation Guys has been a good experience.

Jayson , EPS

Jack has been able to adapt to our market demands and supply us with qualified drivers, at times on very short notice. Their ability to match candidates to my specific driver needs allows me to spend time managing other aspects of my operation.

Virgil, RIL